Rye Bread, Smoked Salmon, Gravad Lax, Meat Pasties, Strawberry Rolls and Mead rule!

Professional and Personal Chef, Anne K. Kettunen was born and raised in Finland, educated in the Culinary Arts with degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and now resides in Palm Beach County, Florida.

With experience ranging from five-star hotel management in Tel Aviv, Israel, and extensive work on Super and Mega Yachts from Greece to Florida, Ms. Kettunen shares her passion for food and her creative flare with those of a most discerning palate. Possessing over 10-years of experience preparing food for Ambassadors of many countries, her extensive world travel and study has provided her with a basis to experiment with cultural. ethnic, and special dietary requirements.

Anne is passionate about creating foods to satisfy and nourish the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of her clientele, allowing a unique and wonderful journey with food to be experienced by all. She dedicates her spare time to cooking and providing holiday meals for not-for-profit organizations, and continues to be inspired by new recipes, ingredients, and the people that she feeds. She’s also one of “Taste of Finland” book’s authors.