Bingo has been a popular event at American Finnish Club since 1967. Bingo is on every Sunday at 1 pm during season. Numbers are called in English and they are also displayed on the lighted board. Cash prices for winners. There is free coffee available during the half time.



The “One Dollar Fitness” class has been running since 2006. We have four instructors: Anita, Hanna, Suvi Katriina and Minna, who all share their enthusiasm for sports, active life style, and its significant impact on the general physical condition and health maintenance. In classes, all aspects of physical training are taken into account. Hand weights and floor exercises are used to strengthen muscle groups. Spurts of light cardio exercises, to the beat of good music, improve cardiovascular endurance. Participants are requested to bring their own exercise mat and hand weights – 3 to 5 lbs. weights are perfect. Also, bring a bottle of water. On each first Thursday of the month there is Anita’s Stretch & Tone Aerobics, 2nd week Hanna’s Yoga Stretch, 3rd Suvi Katriina’s Kick Boxing Aerobics and 4th week Minna’s Cardio Circuit Training.

The classes are suitable for all level of athletes – especially for beginners! Entry does not require membership / association fees. However, the club house is grateful for the $1 donation, hence the name “One Dollar Fitness”. And for $1, once a week, staying fit and healthy is money in YOUR pocket!


Tango lessons on Wednesdays and tango parties on Saturdays.

Great wooden dance floor. Come to lesson at 7.30 pm and learn steps to your favorite ballroom or Latin dances.

Admission $12.00 per person. COME AND JOIN THE PARTY!

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katrillitFolk dance

Katrillit celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2008, a Finnish folk dance traditions of South Florida go even further.

Minna Vilen’s hobby began at her home in the early 1970s. Interested in the folk dancing, a few ladies got together and started training together. Later on, the Finnish American Rest Home offered them training facilities for their growing group.

Katrillit name was officially registered in 1978 by the then leaders, Pirjo and Sauli Sillanpää. They continued to lead the group until the middle 1980’s when at first Sinikka Tenlen and later onTom Kuutti took over the duties. In 1994, the leadership was turned over to Eino and Virpo Lehtonen, for whom the folk dance was a passionate hobby since the 1950s.

There has been 6-8 members since the beginning. Folk dancing requires fitness, training and skill, and is a demanding hobby. New members are always welcome to join the dance group. The present six pairs have been dancing together for a long time. They are also pleased to have folk dancing visitors from Canada each year.

There are still four original members with the Katrillit. Pirjo and Sauli Sillanpaa, Tuula Rajasaari and Beverly Tero. Tuula has even brought her daughters and her grandchildren to dance with the group.

Finnish culture and folk dance brought by Katrilli has been second to none in southeast United States over the decades. The national costumes, beautiful and sometimes quite fast Finnish folk dances are very entertaining to the Americans throughout the Florida area.

Katrillit train once a week, but before each show there may be several practices before the occurrence of day. And the programs are always renewed when entering to a new season.